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Product Review: Makita HS004GZ 40V Max XGT AWS Brushless Circular Saw 190MM

Part of Makita’s new 40V Max range, the 190mm circular saw has accidentally fallen into my tool collection. Opening the box on this bare unit reveals the usual paperwork, and also instructions on how to install and use the Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS). Sold separately, it connects to compatible dust extractors via Bluetooth. The dust extractor automatically runs while the switch is on. A 198900-7 Bluetooth chip is required for this feature. Further included are a metal side guide, dust extractor port, and an allen key for replacing the blade.

You could almost say that this saw is a hybrid. It is constructed with a track saw base for extra versatility, reducing the number of tools you need to carry on site. It’s compatible with Makita’s guide rail without an adaptor and, as you can see here, it fits my third party rail perfectly too.

It has a light to aid you in seeing your markings and two cut guidelines for 0- and 45-degree cuts.

It is very portable with the battery side loading towards the rear but adding the battery does make it noticeably heavier.

The soft start-up is very fast but doesn’t engage full power straight away. I assume this is to allow the tool to decide on how much torque it requires.

The warning light tells you that too much pressure is being applied to the cut and the torque is at its limit. It will automatically stop if the machine is pushed to its maximum. The Automatic Torque Drive Technology automatically changes the cutting speed according to load conditions for optimum operation.

It includes a fast electric brake and comes pre-fitted with a specialized cordless sword blade, which is much thinner than your standard blade. I would expect that is to reduce drag when cutting, in order to extend the battery life.

I first tried it on 18mm OSB, 22mm decking board, and an offcut of kitchen worktop. The cuts were all smooth and the blade cut through them all like a hot knife through butter with very little, if any, sanding-off required.


  • Incredibly versatile, both circular saw and track saw in one

  • Hi-power system

  • AWS compatible

  • Brushless motor with electric braking and soft start

  • LED job light

  • 28-minute charge time (2.5amp hr)

  • Overload warning lamp

  • Compatible with Makita’s guide rail without any adaptors


  • Not spring loaded when using it with the guide, but... that would make it a plunge saw

  • Heavier than I expected with the battery attached. Note, the 2.5ahr is lighter than the 4ahr


  • Voltage: 40v XGT

  • Blade Diameter: 190 mm

  • Bore (B): 20 / 30 mm

  • Max. Cut @ 48º: 41 mm

  • Max. Cut @ 0º: 60 mm

  • Max. Cut @ 45º: 43 mm

  • No Load Speed: 6,000 rpm

  • Net Weight: 4.4 - 4.7 kg

Noise and Vibration:

  • Noise Sound Pressure: 94 dB(A)

  • Noise Sound Power: 104 dB(A)

  • Noise K Factor: 3 dB(A)

  • Vibration K Factor: 1.5 m/sec²

  • Vibration Cutting Wood: 2.5 m/sec

To see the Makita 40V Brushless Circular Saw in action, please check out my review on YouTube.

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