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Product Review: Velocity Storage Case

While having a sort-out in the garage with Rachel over the weekend, we unearthed the Velocity Progear Storage Case I’d bought at Toolfair in Coventry last September. I’d not yet found the time to utilise it, but when Rachel pounced on it and threatened to claim it for her makeup and jewellery, I knew I had to act fast and fill it with “proper stuff”.

Opening the case reveals 12 containers of varying sizes, which easily lift out using a clip. This clever clip doubles up to attach to your belt or pocket, perfect for when you’re climbing up a ladder, or have your hands full.

The containers are transparent, enabling you to see the contents, and the case comes with sticky labels for you to write on and categorise your fixings. Within some of the containers, there is a divider clip, but my storage case was not supplied with any dividers. It would be useful if the case either came with them or if they could be bought as an add-on.

The orange locking clips that open the container lids seem strong enough, but you do need quite a long fingernail to be able to open them. It may be accidental in design, but they also double up as a vent to allow moisture out, great for when you get caught out in the rain.

Another great feature is the hanging points, so not only is this unit great for the van, but it can also be hung open on the workshop wall. As a sparky, I've filled mine with various cable clips and rubber grommets, but the sky's the limit, you can fill them with whatever suits your trade.


  • Strong enough to hold some serious weight, for example, if all the compartments were filled with screws or your wife's makeup!

  • The compartments can be arranged into different orders to suit

  • Clear compartments ensure contents are visible

  • Sturdy belt, or pocket, clip

  • Great price

  • Containers are made from Polypropylene (PP5) and can be recycled


  • Container lid clips can be fiddly to open

  • The product does not come with a warranty

  • Dividers are not supplied

  • Does not come with spare labels


  • Weight: 1.89kg (before you fill it with your bits and bobs)

  • Dimensions: 28 x 14.5 x 30.5cm

  • Colour: Black/Orange/Clear

  • Retails at £19.95 including VAT direct from Velocity Progear

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