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Switching off is Healthy

Every self-employed person knows just how tough it can be, whether it's finding work in the first place, or having so much lined up that you start turning things down.

One of my biggest bugbears is being on call 24/7. You sit down for dinner and your phone goes off, you go to the pub and your phone goes off, you go on holiday… well, you get the point.

This got me thinking. I’ve already set up an out-of-hours email reply to kick in on schedule, but is there a solution for text messages and phone calls? Yes, there is! I came across the Android app Auto Message. You can find it for free on Google Play Store:

Simply put, this app allows you to create automatic out-of-hours replies to phone calls and text messages to your device, allowing you some well-earned time off and, at the same time, keeping in touch with your clients to let them know you still care about their needs.

Let’s face it, you don’t have a lot of free time when you’re self-employed, but when you do get some, it’s worth setting some boundaries around it.

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