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Product Review: Triton TWX7 Workcentre: The Unboxing

Triton has a multitude of power tools aimed at both the DIYer and the professional tradesperson. The TWX7 Workcentre is a popular modular system that can incorporate different worksurfaces, including the clamping table with pre-drilled 19-20mm dog holes (supplied with the Workcentre), various saws, and a router table.

Other optional extras include a Transit kit, and side and end supports for larger sheets of timber. The Workcentre also comes in a different range of packages depending on your requirements, so you’re able to purchase just the tools you need.

Stock availability has meant that it has been difficult to purchase of late, but I recently managed to get my hands on a bundle comprising the router table, contractor saw, and clamping table.

The focus here is on the table frame and clamping / bench dog work surface.

Designed to tackle any woodworking task and able to fold down for easier storage with a side locking catch, it comes complete with a knee-off stop function, allowing for quick power off, which is a great safety feature.

Side lock when folded Triton

Emergency Stop buttton

Triton TWX7 workcentre

Basic assembly of the Workcentre is required. The rip fence catches need to be fitted (assuming that you will be using a saw with the bench), and the surface bobbins / adjustment screws may need tweaking to ensure it is level. The power cable also needs plugging in, and there is a choice between a UK or Euro plug, both of which are included.

Locking knobs on each leg ensure stability and there are a pair of wheels on one end to aid mobility. These are positioned so that any movement has to be deliberate, and the table won’t shift when in use.

Adjustment of levelling screw

Leg lock

Rip guide catch

What’s in the box?

  • Power cable

  • Clamping table module / bench dog

  • Adjustment screws and bobbins (pre-fitted)

  • Allen key

  • Rip fence locking catches

  • Basic instructions

  • Clips (presumably for holding other tools)


Purchased alone, the table is £336.94 from Amazon. The Table, Contractor Saw, and Router table can be bought in a bundle for £922.31 from Elite Frames and Tools. Prices include VAT and are correct at the time of publishing.

Optional Extras:

  • Router table module

  • Contractor saw

  • Project saw

  • Side and outfeed supports

  • Rugged Transit Kit

To see the unboxing and how easy it is to use straight out the box, please watch the unboxing on our Ruff Tools YouTube channel:

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